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Standard Grading Rules For Canadian Lumber – December 2010 Edition

Listed below are the errata and supplements issued for the December 2010 edition of the NLGA Standard Grading Rules for Canadian Lumber.  Note that this version has been superseded by the January 2014 edition and that the errata and supplements are provided for convenience only.

SPS 1 Special Products Standard for Fingerjoined Structural Lumber

Special Products Standards – Current Editions

The following is a list of the current editions of the Special Products Standards which are available for ordering in the Publications For Sale section or for download in the Publications For Download section of the website.

English Editions

  • SPS 1 – Fingerjoined Structural Lumber – current edition March 2017
  • SPS 2 – Machine Graded Lumber – current edition February 2017
  • SPS 3 – Fingerjoined “Vertical Stud Use Only” Lumber – current edition March 2017
  • SPS 4 – Fingerjoined Machine Graded Lumber – current edition November 2014
  • SPS 5 – Face-Glued Lumber – Vertical Use Only – current edition November 2015
  • SPS 6 – Structural Face-Glued Lumber – current edition November 2015
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